Check out the SWNairobi Teams this year!


1. PesaApp
We have the PesaApp team. They want to make it easier to send and receive mobile money across various networks all over Africa!

2. Dere Mjanja
This team has developed a 3D driving game experience targeting people as young as they first wished to drive through to students in driving school all the way to those who consider themselves super drivers. This game sensitizes safe driving by gaining points on following the set traffic rules and regulations and the typical driving curriculum while losing the same on breaking these rules.


They are a social enterprise that connects good design with good causes. They want to create a website platform where they support good causes and upcoming designers can upload designs for clothing.

This team is developing an online Market place that Brings together Solution providers and Solution Seekers.
The platform runs on a review based system so it means that before one orders for a service, they will have an opportunity to check the providers review. Each service offered on their site will be offered at a minimum of 500Ksh almost ($6)

5.Workpoint BPM

Their project aims to simplify business in Kenya. They aim to enable and improve business to business transactions through a web portal backed with electronic signatures. They believe that they can cut the time it takes for these processes by 85% and the cost by at least 70% – therefore giving their clients an opportunity to do more business securely and swiftly.

Localized Design Manufacture is an initiative aimed at creating local concepts from design to manufacture to provide affordable housing to the low income dwellers in the city slums.

7. OverPlusSports
They are creating an online platform that enables sports fans to interact with each other,access sports information as well as place bets on their favorite teams.